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Financial Planning and Wealth Management


Our service is built around comprehensive financial planning and sound investment principles. By exploring your goals and objectives we can tailor a financial strategy specific to your needs.

Our financial planning process is broken down into a series of stages which focus on ensuring your life aspirations and the investment of your money are carefully aligned.

Having completed a detailed review of your current position and arrangements, we will provide you with specific recommendations and explain the benefits and risks associated with the approach we have suggested.

If you are happy with our recommendations we will help you to implement the agreed plan.

As your aspirations evolve in your life, so should your financial plan and we will be at hand to review this with you on a regular basis, should you choose.



Pradeep Sharma formed his advisory firm over 35 years ago and brings together three other successful financial advisory firms, merging with Stuart Gray Associates Ltd in 2012, acquiring Melfyn Parry’s financial practice in 2018 and Martyn Whittaker’s financial practice in 2020. It’s been a delight to manage their clients and continue the hard work that has gone into raising the prosperity of those clients.

Pradeep Sharma started his advisory career in 1983 with the aim of providing an exceptional financial planning service to both private and corporate clients in the retail financial services sector. In addition to running this firm, he developed a successful career in sales management with Allied Dunbar who later became Zurich Advice Network and finally The Openwork Partnership. In 2011 he decided to leave his role as a business development director to concentrate on growing and developing his own firm.



Over a lifetime the financial stages that people will go through will vary enormously. The financial focus of a 25-year-old is going to be very different from the financial focus of a 75-year-old.

I am …


Life is full of changes, and with each new set of circumstances come new financial needs. A coherent Financial Planning Cycle brings together all aspects of planning into a unified process.

I’ve always had my own ideas about financial planning, however, over the past 5 years it’s been a real benefit to have the wealth of knowledge of Optasia on my side.

– Mrs Soin