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How we Work

Life is full of changes, and with each new set of circumstances come new financial needs. A coherent financial planning cycle brings together all aspects of planning into a unified process.

The Process we follow:

Stage 1

Your Goals

We establish your life goals, personal circumstance, aspirations and concerns.

Stage 2

Your Information

We collect all relevant personal and financial data and establish your perceived risks.

Stage 3


We assess your current position and how you have arrived there, with the intention of making a recommendation on the type of products that we will best suit your needs.

Stage 4

Design Your Strategy

Having completed the preparatory work, we will prepare a personal report and recommendations, then set out different strategies which can be used to get you where you want to be.

Stage 5


We agree the plan to implement the strategy to help you achieve your objectives over a given period of time.

Stage 6

Regular Reviews

If you choose, we’ll meet on an ongoing basis to assess your strategy and implement the next steps in your plan.

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