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Age 55 to 65

The children have moved out, your family are becoming independent and you’re thinking about retiring


Are you Financially Ready to Retire?

Whether or not you’ve started saving early for retirement, it’s crucial at this juncture to determine your retirement readiness.
The best advice at this stage is to pay off all your debts prior to your retirement. You should aim not to service any debt post retirement.

Asset Allocation


It’s imperative at this stage to check your asset allocation and start the transition from high risk investments to lower risk investments since in post-retirement, you may not have a regular income, so you need to start evaluating your options. We will re-balance your asset allocation if necessary, to align with your financial goals and attitude to risk.


Forward Looking Planning


We can review all your long-term investments, savings and pension planning that have been drawn up for retirement – this should be ready to give you the benefits you have planned for.

We can also provide you with a review of your arrangements and build an income/ cashflow planning strategy report.


Remember – life expectancy is continuously increasing in the UK so you don’t want to run out of savings in the final years of your life. Thus, it’s necessary that post-retirement, you choose your options very wisely and although the financial situation of every individual is different and hence the financial plan, the basic strategies remain the same.

The financial path for each individual will be different so it’s highly recommended to chat with an objective professional financial advisor first to find the best strategy for you going forward.

You can contact a member of the team here.

Disclaimer: The value of investments and any income from them can fall as well as rise. You may not get back the amount originally invested.